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Helen Stephens
Helen Stephens: Not in Uniform

You know, you'd have thought they'd be more grateful. They barely pay minimum wage at this stately home and they are desperately in need of gardeners, guides and pretty faces to help the visitors around and make sure they don't nick the silver or stomp over the prize begonias. You'd have thought they'd be glad of a bit of extra help on the weekends, not arsey about "you can't come in to the estate dressed like that, where is your uniform?" Oh, you mean the uniform that *I* had to buy, from my first oh-so-generous pay packet? Well, it is in the dry cleaners, because of the horrible brat who threw ice cream at me yesterday. No, I'm not going to buy another one. What, wait... what are you doing? You can't tie me up and leave me here! This is a bit much, even if it IS in the disciplinary code for staff!

Oh well, I guess that's what you get for working for a historical institution. Medieval punishments for the staff!

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