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Penny Lee
VIDEO: Penny & Natalia - Love Knot Revenge Part Three

The bondage games are getting out of hand as room-mate love rivals Aurora and Shannon descend into a spiral of ropes, gags and revenge! Who will come out on top?

Hywel's note: this film was, for a brief month or so, the most involved and complex custom video we'd ever shot (it was eclipsed by The Underground, shot a few weeks afterwards). It's also the only time we've ever shot anything to a fully-detailed script where the customer who commissioned the film had written all the dialogue as well as all the action and an awful lot of precise descriptions. Everything had to be just so. Lots of clothes and accessories had to be ordered (some custom made and shipped from the USA). It was an interesting, but exhausting challenge. It isn't like a regular RE or Elegance Studios shoot where we could change things as we discovered new and interesting ideas on set- we had to try to be faithful to the story exactly as written. It's probably most like shooting a mainstream film where the director is away (which has happened to me at least once or twice on most mainstream projects). The rest of the crew is more than willing, but there's almost a decision paralysis which comes from trying to read the written intention without the commissioner (the ultimate decision maker) actually being available to make final choices when something didn't quite work physically the way it had been written. Despite this, I'm really pleased with how it went- Penny and Natalia were splendid, the story has some real zing to it, and I *think* we delivered on the visuals and styling the best we could given the budget. The one thing I'd probably change next time is to allow an extra day in the budget for a full day of rehearsals- ideally a day or two before the actual shoot. That would let us go back to the author with questions and get definitive answers.

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