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Missey: Don't Be Late

It is funny how different models make you think in different ways. Some models are very visual, and you think of images and colours and looks. Some are very storyline orientated and you think of plots and twists and storyline progressions. Missey is very bondage orientated, so we always think first and foremost in terms of how she is going to be tied up! Then we come up with the look and feel of the set afterwards. The idea for this one was a hogtie, but with a twist- the shoulder harness and the hogtie rope were tied to the ceiling hooks! As you can see it is a pretty strenuous position. Come back on Wednesday and see what happened when I set her a twenty minute challenge- could she actually get out of the ropes in twenty minutes? I had left just one knot accessible to her to get her started, which I thought was very generous of me...
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