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Missey: Straightjacket Suspension

Her Master had to help her into the straightjacket that she had been ordered to wear, and so she was not ready in time. That can only mean that she has yet again earned a punishment! Out comes the whip and the ropes and the big bar ballgag, and poor Missey is once again strung up from the ceiling getting her backside tanned by the mean riding crop! Funny thing is, she seems to be enjoying it... After her Master has thoroughly whipped her ass for her disobedience and tardniess, Missey is further disciplined. Instead of allowing her to have even the tiniest of scraps from the table, she is ordered to lift her legs from the floor and hang suspended for the whole time that he eats. Maybe next time she will get ready more quickly? Although... judging from the little moans and whimpers coming from behind that gag, I think she is enjoying the punishment much more than she would have enjoyed the dinner!...
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