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Missey and the Single Glove

You may not know this, but I get a lot of enquiries from models who want to work with me. Most of them are glamour models who do this for a living, and they are sometimes a bit nervous about the bondage.

Missey was a little different. For a start, she was introduced to me by Lorelei of Bedroom Bondage, #1 bondage site on the web and one of the nicest bondage people on the planet. Missey didn't have nerves about the bondage. She had nerves about the modelling, because she'd never done any modelling of any sort before. But she had just a couple of polaroid scans to show, and I could see the sparkle in her eyes. So I invited her over for a test shoot one evening, just to see how it worked out. See what you think, and remember- she'd never modelled before, ever. Yow!

You've got to love a girl who turns up with her own bag of bondage gear (like that single glove, one of her personal favourites as you can see) and her own Chinese silk dress (you'll see that one in a future set... Missey obviously did her research on me well!). Beautiful lady and really, really into bondage... there are some perks in this job you just don't get anywhere else :-)

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