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Natasha: Steel Fiddle Punishment

Natasha had been behaving abysmally all day. First she complained about everything she'd ordered in the very expensive restaurant at lunchtime, then she'd insisted on using nail varnish remover while her boyfriend was driving her home in his newly valet-ed car. And now they were finally home, she wouldn't help with carrying the shopping in, claiming that it was far too heavy.

Actually, she was right - one of the bags contained the heavy steel fiddle which her boyfriend had bought earlier that afternoon. This, he said, was to be her punishment for behaving so horribly all day. Natasha was not at all impressed.

"Well, alright. But it doesn't seem like much of a punishment....It doesn't even hurt! No, it's not heavy or anything, I'm perfectly....PERFECTLY...fine. I'm just going to relax here, on the bed. That's what I WOULD have been doing anyway. No, I'm not going to apologise. I don't NEED you to take it off! I'm COMFORTABLE!"

Natasha's boyfriend wondered how long her pride would last this time....

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