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Natalia Kalashnikova: Merlin's Forum Post

We love getting suggestions from Members. And when Merlin, a longstanding Restrained Elegance Member and friend of ours, posted an idea for a new rope tie he'd experimented with over Christmas, we were keen to give it a go.

Or, to be strictly honest; Hywel was keen. Ariel, being a lifelong destroyer of instruction manuals, was scared by the number of stages involved. However, since Hywel is the actual boss and Ariel is only the assistant, she gave it a go on Natalia Kalashnikova, Restrained Elegance's first model of 2013.

Natalia was very patient as she was wound in rope over and over, only to have it taken off again for Ariel to start afresh. Ariel's frequent clever attempts to get Hywel to come and do it instead were ignored, although he kindly consented to read her the instructions in stages. Finally, Natalia was properly restrained, but everyone was unsure as to whether they'd actually achieved what Merlin had meant. Natalia couldn't get out though, which was a relief after all that hard work. Hope you enjoy this unusual 'rope straightjacket' type tie. If it proves popular, we'll re-visit the idea and hopefully perfect it. It's certainly nice to find a 'hands in front' position where the model couldn't potentially gnaw through the ropes!

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