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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine Sinclair - Not Quite According To Plan

Jasmine's sexy little self-bondage fantasy wasn't going quite to plan: the kinky clear cuffs were far too big! What's a girl to do when the wrist cuffs fit her ankles and the ankle ones would probably have fitted her thigh? Never mind, the collar is nice and snug and that ballgag is jus right... she can lie back and imagine strong hands taking hold of her and pushing her back on the bed and tying her down ready for a right royal fucking! Maybe the guy from the flat downstairs would hear her moaning and come up and find her all tied up... and maybe he'd take the rope and tie her down to the bed and tie her arms behind her back with the sash from her ballgown and ... oooh... have his wicked way with her? The door to her flat slammed shut. Jasmine nearly jumped out of her skin! She had been fantasising about the guy from downstairs creeping up and discovering her all tied up, but she hadn't actually meant to leave the damn door open! Shit, there's someone there! And it isn't the guy from downstairs, it is his bitch girlfriend, the one who always gives me killer looks whenever she sees me! What the fuck are you doing, bitch? Get the HELL off me!!! What do you mean, going to teach me a lesson for being a tramp! How DARE you...

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