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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine's Barbeque

Ah! Summer! A lovely warm day, dappled sunshine under the tree, a spot of sunbathing, a few Archers and a barbie for lunch! Heaven! But oh no- what's this? The local fire officer saying there have been complaints about the smoke from her barbecue? That's ridiculous, haven't even started cooking on it yet you silly cow! Go tell the neighbours who complained to fuck off, will yah? Hey! Get off me! What are you doing??? The local fire officer didn't seem to take too kindly to Jasmine's foul mouthed behaviour- or to her lighting her barbecue in a smoke-free zone! She pulled out some ropes from her pocket and tied Jasmine up- then hauled her over her knee for a bloody good spanking! Always mindful of the local noise pollution regulations, she made sure the decibel level was kept low by the simple application of a nice bright red fire department issue ball-gag! After a good sound spanking to teach her a lesson, the fire officer left Jasmine tied up in her garden! But the kinky bitch couldn't resist tickling the soles of Jasmine's pretty little feet before she left!
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