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Myla: Phone Pest

The little Greek restaurant was placed just right- just opposite the main entrance to the office. That meant she could slip out the moment her boss left, and could see when she drove past and parked, with just enough time to finish her coffee and get back into the office before her. Since the boss took a pretty leisurely lunch, Myla could too! Stavros was utterly fed up of the girl in pink. Every day she came into his restaurant, ordered a coffee or a glass or two of wine, and sat on the table by the window talking at top volume on her mobile phone to all her worthless time-waster friends who were also skiving their jobs. Stavros (and all his other customers) knew the most intimate and explicit details of her turbulent love life- and the tabloid-worthy lives of her fellow eye-candy office-worker friends! Stavros was totally and utterly fed up of it, and of her. She was losing him custom, she was losing him money and she never even ate any food! Enough was enough... "You! You always come in here talking talking talking on your phone. Is not a talk shop is a restaurant! I cook many fine things, why don't you eat? You put off my real customers, you talk to your no-good slut girlfriends and you only pick my place so you can get back into work before your boss! You are a very bad girl I think!" Myla was speechless! How dare this disgusting fat slob running his pathetic kebab shop talk to her like this? Surprise turned to outrage as he grabbed hold of her and tied her up!<br>"You stay like this! I make sure your boss sees you when she comes back, I tell her all about how you sit here hour after hour lazy girl! And I not let you tell all your rotten slut friends either!" And with that, he gagged her... and dropped her phone into her glass of wine! There was a small fizz, then a bang... and the phone went dead! The rest of the customers CHEERED! How dare they! This horrible greasy cook had tied her up, shorted out her phone and was going to grass her up to the boss... and worst of all, everyone else in the restaurant was egging him on! "Yeh, way to go Stavros mate, she's had that coming for ages" "I know, I couldn't believe it last week when she and that Sandra were comparing notes about their blokes, it was disgusting!" "Hey Stavros, she's wriggling free, let's tie her a bit tighter!" Stavros re-tied her on the table in the window, to make sure her boss saw her when she returned. "You might as well make yourself useful" he said, and he plonked down a plate of olives and a second plate on her back... then her proceeded to eat an olive and spit the stone out onto the plate on her back! Eeeeew! Gross! And everyone else in the restaurant joined in! Then the woman who had complained about her and Sharon comparing notes fished the phone out of the wine glass and used it to gag her! (Hywel's note: as you can probably tell, I was forced into playing the unsavoury role of Stavros the restaurant owner in this set. I had to push out my stomach and dampen my hair a little to make myself look as gross as possible- and Belle took the photos. So blame her for the fact that I look totally disgusting in this set! Good job I have no shame, really, isn't it? But I think Belle deserve punishment for directing the set in such a horrible way, don't you?)!...
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