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Natalia Forrest
VIDEO: The Easter Bunny At Xmas

Attention all fairytale creatures. Yet again, we've had some of you disobey the Santa edict and attempt to muscle your way into Xmas celebrations. You are reminded that the rules plainly state that only those with an a priori legend already associated with historical mid-winter festivals may participate. The enthusiasm of those of you who represent other festivals, especially you exuberant spring-time fertility symbols, is appreciated but we must insist you keep your fluffy tails and twitchy noses out of the Yule celebrations!

The most egregious bouncy offenders have now been apprehended and confined for their safety and yours during the coming celebration. All Easter bunnies will be released at the appropriate flowing of spring... and not before!

Hywel's note: I think it was Ariel who was to blame for rebelling against the idea of seasonal special features on websites and decided to do an Easter bunny special for Xmas!

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