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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine Spring 1

The last snows of winter still clung to the very tops of the hills, the highest, furthest summits where the people didn't come. She loved to dance across the silken surface of the last snows just before the melted, racing the spring breeze, her feet leaving no more trace than the zephyr she raced. She always clung to the solitude of winter, before the full flowering of spring brought the men from the valley and the shepherdesses and the sheep and goats and the merchants and soldiers and tinkers and the noise and the hustle and bustle of humankind. She felt the stirrings within her that marked the turning of the seasons, the changes in her avatar that reflected the burgeoning warmth in the sun, the opening of the blossom flowers on the trees, the ice and reserve of winter swept away in the freshness and renewal of her endless youth. Suddenly, she was swept off her feet as the spring breeze swept into a howling gale in the blink of an eye! She felt the incredible power of the storm billow around her as the whirling winds raised stinging sharp clouds of spindrift from the last snowdrifts on the hills! Then, with shocking suddenness, silence. The icy stillness of the dawn once again. The great sky god was awe-struck. Journeying from the cloud castles of Morn to the halls of the sky gods, the fancy had taken him to stroll amongst the hills in the lands of men. And there she was! Surely an immortal, that she walked on the snows without leaving a trace? But no sky god she- older yet younger, renewed with each new year, she was surely a spirit of the earth, the life of the hills and valleys imbued in her perfect form! At once, he knew that he must have her! She cried out as lightning struck from a cloudless sky. Once! Twice! Thrice! At her throat, her wrists, her ankles! And now- sparkling cuffs of sky-steel, locked fast around her! At last, she saw the great sky god unmasked as he came towards her...
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