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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine Spring 2

The sky god scooped her into his arms, ignoring her kicks and struggles. Once again he raced on his way, the land beneath her vanishing in a terrifying blur. Never before had she been outside of the hills and valleys that gave her life! Constrained by the sky-steel chains, all she could do was peer down and try to skim the assault on her senses. She had to admit, it was exciting! She could get to like flying! In what seemed mere moments the huge halls of the Sky Gods reared from the clouds above them. The god swooped upwards, swan-wing trails swept from the clouds as they crested the peak of the highest mountain in the land and entered the realm of the Sky Gods. She came down to earth with a bump! "Stay here. I must speak to the All-Father, and the is the wife to deal with- I will come for you later!" the god thundered at her. She looked around at the dark hall, echoing, empty, the leaves of autumn still on the floor, the cooking fire sputtering and spitting as they tried to burn green spring wood upon it. Well! From the ethereal light of the mountain clouds to the kitchen dungeons of a stone castle was a bit of a come-down! She started to explore... "And what in Hel's name are you supposed to be?" a shrewish voice called from the shadows. "Some little strumpet picked up from the villages I expect, like that last one! Oh well, might as well put you to work!" "But the god said..." "Oh I don't care what the damn fool men say! You're in my kitchens, and I've got a castle to run! Now get on your knees and get scrubbing that floor!"
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