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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine Spring 3

It seemed like she had been imprisoned in the deep, dark, smoky kitchens of the Sky Gods' halls forever, but in truth the day of her capture was only now giving way to dusk. The heartless servant in the kitchens had forced the free spirit of spring to scrub and wash and scrape and clean for what felt like eternity... but now the god's tread echoed down the hallways as he came to claim his prize. "Come, my pretty" the god said to her, lifting her as if she weighted no more than a flower of the cherry blossom woven into her hair. "I have somewhere better to put you to serve!" The god carried her up through the halls of the castle, through the corridors of swirling cloud made stone, out of the darkness of the cellars into the ethereal light of tall spires of the cloud castle. The land below was already in darkness, but here, high in the air, the last light of the day still lingered in the castle in the clouds. The room was warm, the walls dancing in and out of existence as the evening wind whipped the clouds. Where the cloud passed, the walls seemed solid as the whitest, hardest marble... and yet where the breeze whispered the clouds away, the walls themselves became clear as the high mountain air. And there before them was a bed of softest down, covered with the warmest furs to keep out the chill that would come with the evening... "And now, my virgin beauty, you will learn the gift of love..." he said as he laid her gently down on the bed. She immersed herself in the warmth of fur, the ethereal beauty of the room, the strange feelings rising deep within her- for the god was handsome indeed, and the first stirrings of spring brought with them an awakening of passion... and as the last rays of the setting sun transfigured the spires of the cloud castle to liquid gold, she melted into his arms...
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