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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine Vampire Queen

The first night it happened, no-one said anything. Couples who had not touched each other in years found passion awoke. Many a goodwife had an unexpected spring in her step the next day, many a sullen drunkard was absent from his stool at the inn for the first time in years. Passions were clearly inflamed that night, and the strangely bloodless corpse in the woods was ascribed to a murdering stranger passing through the village. The second night it happened, it was more than just smouldering embers springing to life. The streets were deserted, for every man in the village had an erection so painful and proud that he could hardly walk... and even the sourest of old maids found a stud to service her. Then the whispers started. The Devil himself was tempting them! It was a punishment for their sins! And a second body was found, a handsome young apprentice carpenter, this time. And this time the marks on his neck were plain- he had been drained dry! The village priest, shamed beyond endurance by the lustful pressures in his flesh, had tried to remain aloof from the spell... but when the young sister from the nunnery had come to call on him... their naked bodies twisting in endless orgy, the hateful, hurtful, demonic lust, the beasts of flesh that profaned the sacred grounds of the church as he had fucked her over the gravestones, on the stone floor of the crypt, on the very altar itself... this was something beyond the strength of mortal man to combat! Surely this was the work of the very princess of hell herself, of the Vampire Queen! And he had slaked his foul lusts within that innocent girl's flesh... spilling the seeds of their lusts over the very grave earth where the vampire must be resting! The priest gathered together the men of the village, blessed them in the holy fountain, led them through the village to the dark stones of the crypt, there to find and capture the Vampire Queen when her strength was weakest, before she could once again turn every man in the village into a rampant fiend... surely the sacred bonds of St Cuthbert would be enough to hold the demon in check until the Witch Finders could be sent for...? The Queen's captors have her floored and helpless in the cuffs of death, but the Vampire is very strong... even as the first light of day strikes her, she will not stop fighting the bonds... her wickedness runs deep and her strength is immortal... perhaps these foolish peasants have bitten off more than they can chew? Every man among them is suddenly stricken by the vision of her fangs at his throat, her talons in his neck... and the irresistable, unnatural, unbearable erection that promises him the endless embrace of sweet, dark death in her wicked mouth. ........
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