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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine Winter Finale

The candles in the Gods' halls flickered and dimmed as the first real snow-storm of winter enveloped the castle. The gods were gone, abadoning the cold halls for the bright skies far above in the thin clear air where the snows could not reach them. But for the spirit of the valley captured so many months ago and chained in the kitchens, there was no escape. The mistress of the halls took the last of her possessions from her, the fur coat which had kept the last dying embers of the warm days of autumn alive within her. Now she was cold, naked, alone in the chamber as the snow blew through the shutters. As the last of the candlelight danced on the walls, she wondered if there would ever be warmth and light and laughter and fun and dancing and orgasms, ever again. But the seasons will turn, and once the darkest day of the winter solstice has passed she will shed the icy mantle of the frost queen she has become and awaken again from the chrysalis of snow to the innocent beauty of spring once more. The chains will not hold her, she will fly free back to the hills and vales that give her life, that first called her into being. Gods come and gods go, but the spirits of nature will outlast them all! ...

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