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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine - The Sacrificial Orgy

Virgin Sacrifice is a myth The real cultists sacrifice one of their own. A wanton, wicked, sinful, lust-filled demon-riding slut. What sort of sacrifice would an innocent virgin make, anyway? Far better to deliver someone who has attended many worshipful acts of orgiastic excess, who knows what she's got and how to use every last bit of it. But therein lies a problem. How to get the wary victim to the altar? Don't vary the orgiastic routine too much, that's how. Get her used to being tied up for the orgies, get her used to the warm haze of the incence, the candles, the chanting. That way, when her time finally comes to be offered up she will go... if not like a lamb to the slaughter, then like a bitch to the orgy…Hywel's notes: first of all, yay, Jasmine and I are shooting together again! Second, don't blame me for the storyline. It was going to be a classic virgin sacrifice damsel in distress, but Jasmine insisted she didn't look much like a virgin! ;-) Third, you will notice a lot of barefoot closeups, for which I make absolutely no apology. Jasmine's got the prettiest feet in the world bar none, and I'd missed taking photos of them even more than I'd missed taking photos of the rest of her! So I might have got just a little carried away The High Priest knows that this is the point where the victim usually starts to quail and baulk. Suddenly, it starts to percolate through the haze of the incence and chanting that this isn't like the other orgies she has been to. This isn't going to end in orgiastic group sex this time... at least, not for her! So this is the point that the High Priest gags her and ties her stretched out on the table, prone and helpless before him The high priest runs the cold steel blade of the knife across her heaving bosom, the blade parting the wisp-thin silk as it goes, revealing her magnificent breasts... the gag fills her mouth, muffling her cries for help. The coven feast their eyes on the sacrifice before them, straining and struggling against her bonds, desperately hoping for salvation...
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