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Charlie NoAngel
Charlie Kidnapped!

Charlie always did make enemies, and her rise through the ruins of the banking industry was certainly meteoric. It was probably helped by her party girl attitude, willing to wine and dine her superiors at every turn, so long as they gave her her next step on the ladder (and a bigger bonus). But something seems to have backfired- as she left Nobu's with her latest conquest, two men in masks grabbed her from behind and bundled her into the boot of a Bentley! Now she is being held, supposedly for ransom... and her kidnappers don't want her calling for help, so they gag her with a big red ballgag!

The only thing is... who is going to pay her ransom? She hasn't exactly made any friends on the way up... maybe they had something other than monetary reward in mind when they captured her?

48 pics 9.95 MB zip

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