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Sophia Smith
Sophia's Hair Hogtie

Yay, Sophia! It had been an unconsionably long time since Sophia had come to shoot, in fact this was her first shoot at the Restrained Elegance house. (We'd shot lots of stuff on location with her last year which is why we hadn't got her down to the studio recently). She arrived looking immaculate, as always, and with a dozen ideas fizzing around that she wanted to try. The first was this awesome hair hogtie. Hair hogites are always a bit tricky to rig, because you need to make sure the rope is properly intertwined with her hair or it just slips. When you get it right, it makes an already demanding hogtie position even worse, by forcing her head back as well as putting tension on her whole body through the hogtie. Yowzer, welcome back Sophia! Looking forward to summer shoots we've got booked!

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