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Jasmine Sinclair
VIDEO: Jasmine In The Lair of Dr. Werewolf!

Energy girl was hot on the trail of the stolen diamond necklace- the trail led up to the old castle above the town. The castle that was supposed to be ruined and empty... but which seemed to have had a very recent makeover and be humming with equipment! As the sun set and the full moon started to rise, Energy girl made her way carefully into the heart of the comfortable apartment that someone had build in the heart of the castle ruins...

It was rather bad luck for her that she'd chosen the night of full moon! For while Dr. Werewolf is a rather nerdy bespectacled mad scientist, his lupine alter-ego proves to be more than a match for Energy Girl! With a BAM! and KAPOW! he knocks her to the ground, unconscious!

Knowing that his time as a wolf is limited, he quickly ties her up... and having heard the tales of her secret weakness, he takes off her boots so that he can tickle the soles of her bare feet! Who would have thought that such a simple thing could render a superheroine so helpless?

14.03 minutes (158.5 MB zip)

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