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Jasmine Sinclair
VIDEO: Bunny Girl

Bunny girl barmaid Jasmine is working at the Restrained Elegance summer resort, but she tends to get a bit distracted by all the booze on offer. When no-one is looking, she makes herself more than a few drinks! Which means that when a customer comes by for his Strawberry Surprise cocktail, she's even more clumsy than the handcuffs, leg irons and thumbcuffs would usually make her. Not only does she drop ice cubes and strawberries all over the floor, she then manages to throw the drink down him as she attempts to serve him!

Clearly some punishment is in order, so the customer ties her standing with a crotchrope between her legs... then hangs the whole weight of the ice bucket from the crotchrope! What's worse, he enourages all the other customers to throw their payments for their drinks right into the bucket, weighting it down even further. And he can't resist torturing her with the ice cubes a little.... Then he leaves her there!

Hywel's note: this movie was shot a long time ago, before we had high definition video cameras. That it hasn't appeared on the site before now is just an accident of scheduling- every do often I do a trawl of my hard drive and realise that there's something from ages ago that I never got around to editing! So I thought it was high time it was put up on site. Apologies that the technical quality is not as good as our modern movies, hope you'll enjoy the action nonetheless ;-)

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