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Natalia Forrest
Natalia: Looking After Her Staff

It had seemed like a great idea. The end of the year, a little party. A retreat for her and her staff. Not a cheesy team-building exercise, a proper chill out and thank you for all your hard work. She'd hired a lovely barn conversion for them all to stay in, bought in loads of nice nibbles and a lot of bubbly.

But something had gone wrong. Someone must have let slip where they were going, posted on Facebook or been careless with the address. Because somehow these men knew that she and her staff would be here. Seven girls. Defenceless. She still didn't know if it was a hostile takeover, or a kidnapping for ransom, or whether they were bound for a fate worse than death. But she did know that she had to get free, to defend the girls. She was their boss. She had to save them!

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