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BONUS: Myla, 1980's style

Xmas out-takes: over the years I've tried lots of experimental fun ideas. Most worked. Some didn't, quite. I thought it was time to reveal a few out-take sets where I had a nice idea... but where my skillz as a photographer weren't yet up to realising the images I had in my head. Good learning experiences and great fun, if a bit loony!

It turns out that you can have too much of a good thing. Not too much of Myla, who is as gorgeous as always in this set, even when I was mean and tied one ankle to the ceiling. Nor even too much of rope, or satin outfits. No, what it turns out is that you can have too much Olive Oil.

This was an early experiment with diffusion or soft focus effects on the lens. I think I did this DIY with a warm-up filter and some olive oil, but as you can see especially with the strong back light, the overall effect is so extreme that not even early-80's Penthouse would have published it!

What I learned: well, firstly not to over-do the oil, obviously. Secondly, that I like lens flare but it needs to be more tightly controlled. The best way I've found is to just smear the edges of the filter with oil- it still has a bit of a softening effect on the whole image but keeps it under control. I've gone off using the effect for stills, but a subtle variation on it is de rigeur for movies. I'm saving up for the "proper job"- something like a Hollywood Black Mist filter. Just takes the edge off the sharpness and gives lovely halation and presence to light sources in the scene without the huge blast of white light I got in this early experiment.

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