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Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith: Bondage Flags of the World

I was struggling to think up a storyline for these photos- until I remembered Emily Olivia Dalton's suggestion of a flag-themed bondage series. THE COLOURS! ALL THE COLOURS!

So herewith I am proud to present Sophia Smith representing the Irish tricolour- the orange of her dress, the green of the floor and the white of her perfect skin. (It could have been Nigeria, India or the Ivory Coast, but as a fellow Celt our next-door-neighbours across the sea seemed more apposite).

OK, it's a bit of a reach, it wasn't really the inspiration on-set in the same way as the Swedish hogtie we did on Angel Price. But I kept thinking as I was editing the photos that the colour combination was bright, striking and quite unusual for us. And we've done rather too many sets in the library where the storyline revolved around a tied up librarian or fictional figures coming to life in the last few months, so making a feature of the carpet colour rather than the books for a change seemed like just the thing. I think Sophia's pale skin and lovely brown hair is a striking Celtic combination, too. So... we hope you enjoy this episode of Bondage Flags of the World!

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