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Angel Price
Angel Price: Keeping Control of the Staff

In Lord Elpus' estates there is a strict and rigidly defined hierarchy. Maids and serving girls at the bottom (each on their numerical grade, so that the third chamber-maid out-ranks the fourth). Floor house-keepers in the middle- with the top floor house-keepers out-ranking the lower floors. Then estate managers above them. Normally, each rank is disciplined by the rank above, and Lord Elpus only disciplines the estate managers directly. Of course, when the offence is particularly egregious - or when the subject to be disciplined is particularly delectable- his Lordship might take a hand in proceedings personally. As in today's case of the second floor house-keeper who has spectacularly failed to keep her serving girls from running riot. The girls are in the dungeon to await their fate at the hands of the formidable estate manager, but the house-keeper... she is to feel the wroth of his Lordship's skilled hand in person!

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