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Myla in Pink PVC

There's something about wearing PVC that makes models like Myla demand a whip to wave around. They tend to come over all dominant, as if having a riding crop to brandish somehow turns them into the world's greatest dominatrix. The only way to deal with such behaviour, of course, is to tie 'em tight and not let 'em go! :-)

There's nothing quite as good for putting down a rebellious slave who thinks she can make it as a mistress as a mouth full of pink ballgag. Ballgags are horrible things. They make you drool, they make it hard to swallow, they force your jaw open far further than is comfortable and they make it impossible to utter a comprehensible word. Just the thing to put Myla in her place, don't you think? She was less than happy about trying it out, and as usual she hated the thing and couldn't wait to get it out. But even she had to agree that it looks FABULOUS!

Number of Photos: 60 photos, 4.3 MB ZIP file
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