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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine Virgin Sacrifice

It was the contest no maiden on the island wanted to win, but no-one really wanted to lose. They said it was a great honour. They said only the purest, most beautiful, most innocent was chosen. Each year, one virgin maiden. Each year, one young woman sent forth to the ceremony. And yet, it was whispered, each year one maiden who did not return. The boys would joke and laugh in gory speculation over what happened to the honoured virgin. The young men would try to barter safety and protection for a quick fuck, for only virgins were accepted for the ceremony.

Frost fair, she enters the darkened chamber. A low altar, surmounted by a cloth of blood red, is the only feature in the stygian darkness. Her head is light from the fumes which hang heavy in the air of the chamber. She barely feels the ropes being tied around her body, confining her lest she try to break and run. Hers is the honour, the victory in this year's contest. To the victor, the prize... but is the prize to be death?

Her head swimming from the drugged air, she struggles helplessly, a band of tape preventing her even calling for help. Though there is no-one in the chamber to hear her cry... when the ceremony reaches its climax there will be screams, and the people of the island prefer not to be reminded what sort of pact they have made. Still innocent, the virginal maiden has no inkling of what her victory will cost her. Nor of the life she will lead when the creature comes to claim her.

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