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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine Ice Cube Fun

The steel cuffs were cold. Cold on her wrists, and cold on her big toes. The bondage harness had metal rings, and they were cold too. But the heat of her body soon warmed them. We'd warned her that we were going to play a little game. We'd let her out, but she had a little task to perform first. But she wasn't in the mood for doing tasks, and she begged just to be let out for a hug and a cuddle.

How could we refuse? We agreed. We said we'd even give her the key to the cuffs, so she could get herself out whenever we wanted. So off to the kitchen to get the key. She'd asked for it, so she could hardly refuse it, now could she? There might have been some real punishment handed out if she wasn't careful. Thing was, the key was in a little envelope... of ice. She could get herself out whenever she wanted... all she had to do was melt the ice! Since she had been so keen to get out just a minute before, we thought we'd be helpful and get the job started.

The water that drips off melting ice-cubes is COLD. Especially when it is dripped right onto your breasts, onto your nipples. A bit of teasing, a bit of cooling, but then we just dumped the icecube on her and watched her squirm!

The leather harness actually belongs to Jasmine. It was getting towards the end of a long day's shooting and we'd been shooting complex storyline stuff all day. I just needed a bit of break from directing the storyline, so when Jas pulled the harness out of her clothes bag I thought "that'll do". The addition of a few lengths of rope and voila: one tidily tied and perfect petite package. Yum!

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