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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine Muse

No-one really knows how many Muses there are. The light of the sun filters slowly through the glowing mists shrouding the summit of Mount Helicon, glistening on the crystals of the final frosts of winter. As the silver light of dawn warms the cold ground, the snows of winter melt into the sparkling streams of spring. In this magical light there stands a figure of incomparable beauty. Created in equal measures of the laughter of the water and the opal glow of this spring morning, she is an the inspiration of poets and artists, perfection personified. And today, she is mine.

Is she Melete? Mneme? Aoide? Were the Pythagoreans right, and does she have seven sisters? Or are there nine, as the later legends would have us believe? I speak their names, trying to break her silence, to hear the melody of her words. Clio? Euterpe? Thalia? Melpomene? Terpsichore? Erato? Polyhymnia? Urania? Calliope?

There is no word from her perfect lips. She lowers her head, shows where the ropes are too tight around her wrists. The chair to which she is bound seems too clumsy and heavy to contain her. She weighed nothing at all when I carried her down the slopes of the mountain in my arms.

I imagined her as a creature of infinite innocence. In my head, I imagined that the idea to steal her away from the melting frost was my own. I believed that when she began to show me her graceful ankles, her perfect breasts, that she was somehow bargaining for her release.

But then she looked up at me with a smile that chilled my soul. I tried to break her gaze. I could not. At that instant I realised which of us was truly the captive.

Now my ropework starts to get more complex. A hogtie, yes, but neater than I usually tie. Her eyes guide me, inspire me. Although outwardly she pleads for her release, inside she is in control, not me. I submit to her submission. I am under her spell, and there is nothing in the world other than her. I know that I will not be permitted to consummate my love for her. She rules me, though she be the one bound in rope and coils. I am the true prisoner.

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