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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine The Climber

What an exciting weekend! Jasmine was all of a fidget, couldn't sit still. Paul had hardly looked at her as he let her into the flat. Then he dashed off out to the back and left her sitting on her own on the old wooden chair. That, she had to admit, was not quite the expected reaction. She knew Paul was a keen climber, and maybe her harness and gear rack weren't this year's colours, and her rock boots hadn't seen a cliff face in a couple of years. But she thought he might at least have appreciated the effort- she'd had to drive back to her parents' place to pick it all up.

Still, never mind, never mind! A fun weekend with lots of ropes, Paul had said. It was going to be great, no matter what the weather forecast said! She noticed the strange belay plate on the ceiling. Odd place to put it, the ceiling wasn't very high and it wasn't as though it was near enough to the walls to be of much use. Nor were there any holds or anything. Maybe he used it for absail practice, or prussik loops and crevasse rescue?

The living room door opened. Jasmine jumped up, ready to go... and stopped. Paul wasn't dressed for climbing. Ummm. Not really dressed for climbing at all. Lots of tight leather and a bare chest though, did look good.

"Paul, I thought you were taking me climbing this weekend?"

"No, what I said was a fun weekend with lots of ropes. You're not going anywhere!"

She gave a mock shriek and playfully pulled away when he grabbed her. But she didn't put up to much of a fight. Paul was a real dish and she'd been after him for months, so if ropes were to be used, ropes would be used! The harness presented an interesting opportunity. Paul dangled her from the belay plate in the ceiling, hitching the rope and locking it off so her heels were just of the ground. She played up to it beautifully, just as he'd hoped. The scowls and struggles were really turning him on, but she flashed the odd smile just to let him know it was OK really. A little tape over the mouth... there we go... one fun weekend with lots of ropes has just begun!

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