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Jasmine Sinclair
Jasmine Red Catsuit

There's something about the way she moves that reminds me of a cat. Graceful, no wasted effort, efficient and yet somehow langourous and lazy at the same time. The way she can sort of slink, barely makes a noise. God, it turns me on to see her move. God, it turns me on to see her walk. The only thing that doesn't turn me on is the VISA bill. Cats demand cat food and cat toys. My kitty-cat here demands champagne, caviar and very, very expensive kitty-cat toys. She's not exactly low maintenance, but pedigree purebreds need to be kept in tip-top condition. My little kitty-cat needs constant care and attention. Fortunately, there's just no better way to spend a day than giving her a good grooming, if you know what I mean.

Today's new toy is that riding crop. She's got a dozen, but just had to have this one. When she rides, her hair flying out, she loves to urge her mount on with just the tip of the crop, not too hard, just the right sting to make her point. When I ride her, I like to do the same.

It's that day again. The VISA bill has landed and I have to play up how much she costs me. It's a game of course, we both know it, but where would be if we didn't play it? My kitty-cat likes to play, and she only plays with me. The game today is "HOW much???!!???". "HOW much did that silk catsuit cost? HOW much did that crop cost? Do you think I'm made of money? We'll be ruined!"

She looks apologetic. It's a brilliant act. She says she's sorry. Neither of us believe her. She says she'll make it up to me. We both know I won't let her.

The game today is "HOW many???". How many strokes to make up for the money she's spent.

The price today is one stroke of the crop per hundred bucks she's burnt. Let's start with kissing the whip. Let's see if we can turn her pretty backside a colour to match her catsuit. Though she's spent so much, it'll take all week to lay on enough strokes. We don't really mind how long it takes, my kitty-cat and I. We have until death do us part.

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