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Natalia Forrest
Natalia & Penny: Make A Wish

Are you SURE this is really a tradition? That the two most junior members of staff get tied up naked at the Christmas party? Well, if you say so. Oh, so it is a popularity contest, is it? All the people in the office are going to vote for who gets let out? And the loser stays tied up all evening? What a lovely way to settle office scores! Oh... I see. So the boss traditionally gives the "loser" a pay-rise and a promotion. Kinky boss, I see... so some people will be voting to keep someone they LIKE in bondage because they want her to get a pay-rise, but others just want to see her stay tied up. Now there's a conundrum. And they draw one person's name from the hat, and the loser has to grant that person a wish? Gosh, how complicated! Well, I'm game if you are Penny....

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