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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - The Scold's Bridle

She awoke in the dark, cold, dank dungeon, in chains. While she had been out someone had dressed her in her sexiest lingerie... a far cry from the comfortable jeans and a T-shirt she had been lounging around in before the door burst asunder.

Who were they? Where was she? What evil plans did they have for her? And what was the purpose of that sinister metal contraption hanging from a chain from the hook embedded in the ceiling of the dungeon?

The Scold's bridle. Cold steel around warm flesh. A steel plate to depress the tongue. A spike under the chin to stop her opening her mouth. A chain to the ceiling, another to the wall behind her, hoisting her wrists behind her in a painful all-steel strappado. Then the final indignity, a chain between her legs and around her waist, locked to the ankle cuffs to keep her on her knees.

Whatever they had in mind for her, they were clearly in deadly earnest...

Hywel's Note: I originally ordered the scold's bridle for Ariel's Medieval Epic video shoot in France last year, but despite over a month lead time, the manufacturers didn't get it to us in time to use. So we had to make do without, and use it on Ariel when she got back from her gallivanting around the world! Maybe I should just keep it on her, so she can stick around for a while? Hey... maybe at our next members' chat session I can chain her up in the dungeon with a laptop to type? With the scold's bridle there would be no cake, and marvellously... no complaints either! It really was terribly, totally effective. Ariel could literally not say a word, she could hardly even make the slightest sound.

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