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Kristy Louise
Kristy Louise Casino Croupier

Kristy hadn't been working at the casino very long, and she thought she could cheat the system. She was a dab hand at the dirty deal- even better once the pit bosses had shown her how to cheat the customers with a stacked deck and a bottom deal. But why not turn that to her advantage? All she needed to do was to find a few accomplices, tip the odds just slightly in their favour, make sure the rest of the table lost so she didn't stand out as a big payout dealer... just make sure the accomplices always won a little. It was a nice little earner. Of course, the pit bosses were wise to her after a week. The ultimatum- don't do again or we'll break both your legs. The punishment- you can go deal for the high rollers in the private suite. And you can do it in a kinky bondage head harness and tied up tight... they'll like that! Oh and flash your titties at them too... you might even get a tip or two by the end of the evening! ...
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