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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel Crotchroped in the Corner

Just how heavy is water, Ariel? How much weight can you feel from the water in that bowl? It is quite a big bowl, must be a litre or two of water in there already. Can you judge how heavy it is? Mmmm? What's that? Surely you can! That crotchrope must be giving you ample opportunity to savour and sample exactly how heavy the bowl is. After all, all that weight is pulling that rope at your poor pussy isn't it? What's that you say? Sorry, couldn't quite make it out. Think it must have been something about needing more water... well I've got another bowl-full here, shall I tip it in? Oh dear, are your legs starting to buckle, Ariel? Can't take the extra weight of the two litres of water I added to the bowl? Well then, I suppose you'd better try to find a different position that might take some of the strain, hadn't you? Let you out? No, sorry, I can't do that...
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