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VIDEO: Silver Screen Starlet

Alexandra has all her hopes pinned on the big audition! She is to play a plucky heroine menaced by the evil villain, and her screen test involves the director chaining her up. She almost wishes she had put some panties on... but then maybe a good flash is just what this lusty director is after to find his starlet?

But the director doesn't seem convinced by her acting abilities at all! He needs a real damsel-in-distress and the only way he is going to get that from her is to put her into peril for real! So he takes off her shoes and sets about the soles of her feet with a vicious riding crop!

Steel shackles, shoes, barefoot, bastinado, chains, cleeve gag

two clips total running time 2:18 minutes (9.5 MB zip)

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Price: $7.50 Per Zip File