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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel Fashion Model Part 1

In a light-hearted video, Belle comes face-to-face with Ariel, an uppity fashion model with an inflated ego!

Belle, posing as a photographer, tricks Ariel into posing wearing thick white leather wrist and ankle cuffs. When she complains, Belle adds a matching collar and attaches her to a heavy chain which is hanging from the celing. While encouraging Ariel to keep posing, Belle does her best to make Ariel into a bondage model by stealth...

Belle pushes her luck by being just a bit too rude to the visiting model, and her Master steps in to punish her. The resulting tension between both girls leads to more bondage related point-scoring in Part 2....

Leather Cuffs, Leather Collar, 2 Girl Set, Heavy Chains, Lingerie
14.44 minutes (53.6 MB zip)

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Price: $7.50 Per Zip File