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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel Stocks In A Box

This lovely gadget was designed and built by one of the members on the site. We call it 'stocks in a box'. It packs away to a relatively innocuous plain wooden box. Unfold and unlock it and you discover a truly ingenious design. The ankle stocks are pretty standard, but the wrist stocks have a platform under the holes so the 'subject' has to bend her wrists at right-angles to the hole. That means she doesn't have room to straighten her hand, which means she can't pull out of the holes! We decided to test this theory out with Ariel... Chanta was impressed (she wants a set of the stocks in horribly rusty iron- me, I like the polished wood just fine). She had a few experimental spanks, to make sure Ariel couldn't pull free. All was going well- except that Ariel just kept giving us backchat. She was so uppity that she just had to be put in her place... come back tomorrow to see what we did to her!
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