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Sophia Smith
A private street corner

When you have all the money you could ever wish for, yachts, villas... and a beautiful but sometimes remote wife, you can get a little... jaded. You can yearn for something downright dark and dirty, like a private street corner, a hooker (of course, the hooker is unimaginably beautiful- you can afford the best). But you don't want anything vanilla. You want kinky sex, with chains and whips... and you want the thrill of using your money to get your way... So you've got your private street corner, you've got your elegant, high-class hooker. You've talked her into the kinky sex, the whips and chains... you've made her put on a show for you. You've made her display the goods. Yeh, when you are this rich, you can get almost anything you want. The only think you probably can't buy is a woman who genuinely loves you. Which is why, when you have this much money and a kinky fantasy of your own private street corner with a hooker in chains, the lady in chains can only possibly be your wife. It must be nice to have the money to live out your shared fantasies that way. But I'll take the lady, not the money, every time. After all, you only need a pool of light and a few chains to bring the fantasy to life for each other, don't you?...
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