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Nikki on the Red Carpet

Welcome to the "Maitresse". If you care to come off the helipad down into the main part of the ship, I will show you to your staterooms. The staterooms will be your personal dominion for the duration of the voyage, and within them your word will be law. As you know, we sail in international waters, and unless the UN finds us, we are free to do exactly as you will. The only exception is that the Captain of the ship has ultimate authority on-board, over-riding even your own word. You must not obstruct the ship's officers in the course of their assigned duties, so no trying to get the first officer tied to the bedposts, alright? The ratings, though, are fair game!

In your reception hall you will each find a red carpet, at the end of which is your first fuck-slave, selected as per your instructions, waiting to welcome you aboard. They will be equipped with the usual tools and toys, and of course each is trained to pleasure you and to take their pleasure from your orders. Please use them as you see fit, they are your property for the remainder of the voyage. Additional slaves, of whatever speciality, can of course be supplied in due course. But for now... indulge yourselves! She was led away from the foyer into the stateroom of the man who would be her master for the voyage. He was quite old, but had a ruthless glint in his grey eyes than made her shiver inside.

The servants chained her to the bed, but left her plenty of room for manoeuvre.

"Right, bitch. Let's see what you can do with that red butt plug, to start with. You've got ten minutes to turn me on so much that I weaken and order you to suck my cock. If you succeed, you will be permitted an orgasm. If you fail, I'll thrash you until black and blue. Your time starts... now." She seems to have misunderstood the instructions. She doesn't seem to be doing much to turn him on. Plenty of tease to turn herself on, playing with that red buttplug and the inflatable black one as well, but not stuffing it where it was indended to go. Maybe she's under the mistaken impression that she was ordered to pleasure herself and reach her own orgasm? Perhaps, but if so it is a mistake her rump will soon regret. He's flexing the riding crop already in anticipation!

She had a wide variety of toys to play with. The ones that pumped up looked promising, although too small to really be much of a stretch in that particular hole. He resolved to stuff it into the other one at the first opportunity. She seemed to be having quite a lot of fun playing with the nipple clamps as well. He added a tape gag, as it seemed to suit the occasion. He thought we was going to hold out, but he had to admit that the sight of a beautiful blonde slavegirl writhing around on the black fur bedspread and having a really good time with a large black dildo was having a certain effect. His heart was racing, his brow was beaded with sweat.. and she still had some time to run before the challenge was over...

As the final seconds ticked off the clock, he could not prevent his hands from going to his groin. As the slavegirl used the black dildo on herself, he matched her rhythm thrust for thrust. But she knew her job. She held off her own orgasm until the second after the deadline had expired... and so the hot splash that covered her did so two seconds too late to save her from a fate worse than death. After all, what was the point of paying to be a slavegirl on a paradise island if you didn't get a good punishment now and then?

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