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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel - Something Special

Something Special

I'd been invited to the Restrained Elegance studio for something special, and I was pretty sure I knew what it was going to be... Following some extravagantly rude postings by me, a discussion had been started on the Forum about the possibility of my becoming the Restrained Elegance Resident slavegirl. This, obviously, seemed a strangely rewarding result for me; instead of being punished, it seemed a promotion might be on the agenda instead! However, if the Restrained Elegance members wanted a slavegirl, then who was I to argue? Actually, I couldn't think of anything I'd like more! Hywel wasn't there when I arrived at the studio, but he'd left me a note, and a beautiful satin evening gown which fit perfectly. Feeling strangely like someone in a fairy tale, I knelt on the studio floor, in front of the cameras, to wait for him. I already felt rather like a slave-girl (albeit a very well dressed one) and I hoped that perhaps the discussion about collars might yield some results too? I wondered if I'd found something I was going to be good at... NOTE TO FELLOW SUBMISSIVES; - It turns out that slavegirl training is not very gentle, even if they fool you by giving you nice things to wear. I thought it would be rather fun, but WATCH OUT if someone suggests this to you! I'm still aching a week later... "arielsignoff"> P.S. Hywel's Note: I'd like to thank "" for generously donating the beautiful corset collar and whip especially for our resident slavegirl! Let's see whether Ariel gets through her training and proves herself worthy to wear it, shall we?

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