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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel - Pet Part 4 - Feeding Time

Ariel had yet again broken the strict rules of her demoted position as the Restrained Elegance pet, so that's ten more strokes of whatever came to hand - in this case, a bare-bottom spanking. Still collared, cuffed, leashed and wearing nipple clamp bells, she was made to lap up her wine from her silver dog-bowl on the floor while the rest of us sipped ours from our glasses. Feeding time, and Kate had cooked us all lovely fajitas. Of course, Ariel had to eat hers from her dog bowl, on the floor in front of us. Her insolence and disobedience of the strict rules of conduct resulted in several more punishments with the riding crop on her ass and the soles of her bare feet... especially when she started throwing her food around in a fit of petulance!

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