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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - Kneeling Strappado

We had a little competition on the forum, to see who could tell my photos from Kate's. Steve was the winner, so as a reward Ariel and I ran a little tutorial photoshoot for him. Steve had liked some of the sets we'd done where the lights were shining on polished black floor and oiled tanned skin... so out came the baby oil, into a wicked kneeling strappado went Ariel, and of course it wouldn't have been complete without a drool-inducing big red ballgag. Mmmmm!

Photos by Steve

And here's what Ariel thought about it...

Today one of the Restrained Elegance members, Steve, came to the studio to do some work with Hywel. He was looking to improve his photography and incorporate bondage into a studio shoot (excellent choice, I thought!), so I was delighted to be invited along too, as the model. I appealed to Hywel, hoping that since I was modelling for Steve, I shouldn't be subject to the normal Restrained Elegance slavegirl rules on the grounds that it would just be too, too, embarrassing. Hywel, surprisingly, agreed (possibly to save Steve the possible discomfort of entering into a full-scale D/s scene without his prior consent) so I looked forward to a fun, light-hearted bondage shot, a welcome holiday from my arduous training schedule.

I'd met Steve once before, at the Restrained Elegance Members Photography Tutorial in January. I really hope he's representative of the Members, because he's LOVELY! He seems to really like bondage, knows plenty about it and is thoughtful and considerate in his approach to rigging, which is always much appreciated. However, he had some ambitious ideas, based on the very lexicon I'd helped to create. I felt that I'd sabotaged myself, rather. But he'd kindly remembered how much I love strapado, so that's what we started with.

One of the sad things about working with a really experienced bondage photographer is that they work so fast that I'm often untied again before I know it. But Steve and Hywel took their time discussing lights and lenses while I languished, miserably, in a tight elbows-together strapado. Well, not ACTUALLY miserably - it was all really rather marvellous. And it turned out that Steve really likes to use big ball-gags which just added to the fun.

'Oh, she's drooling, take a close-up!' advised Hywel. And Steve did. Hmmm, I started to feel a little ganged-up on....

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