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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel's - Slave Training Pt 4 - The Restrained Elegance Slavegirl Quiz

The Restrained Elegance Slavegirl Quiz

There hasn't been a Restrained Elegance Resident slavegirl before, so my duties weren't exactly clear when I began training. I knew that the Members' wishes would certainly affect what my duties will involve, as will Hywel's vision of what a slavegirl on his site should do. But in my head, I was imagining a rather lovely, pampered existence, sort of like a harem girl. Taking lots of baths, getting pedicures, and occasionally serving drinks - I thought it might be really fun. Of course, I knew I'd be punished if I got things wrong, but at the beginning I didn't expect to make many mistakes...

So a Restrained Elegance general knowledge quiz took me completely by surprise. Hywel thinks a Restrained Elegance slavegirl should have a broad understanding of how the site works, but had decided to test my dedication to my new job by springing the test on me out of the blue. Were there forfeits for wrong answers? Of course! And did I manage to answer the questions on bandwidth correctly? Well, what do you think?!

PS - I've never experienced this particular type of punishment before. OUCH! Each clothes-peg feels completely different - some of them were more or less bearable, but the ones on my inner thighs.... Next time I'll definitely revise before I take a Restrained Elegance exam!



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