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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel Gets The Blues

Business Babe Ariel gets down and dirty after work. She dances at seedy strip clubs, and being a dominatrix she loves to make the clients feel like worms and grind them under her high heels. Tonight she's working in a new joint, and she doesn't realise that this is a bondage bar! What's more, the dominant clientele is unlikely to appreciate some stuck-up dancer looking down her nose at them and calling them worthless wimps...

This look - the cool blue light on the blinds and the warm light on Ariel- was one of the most popular sets we shot on the first tutorial. So much so that the guys on the second tutorial wanted to see how it was done. Well, the blinds were set up, but I realised that they were in a totally different part of the studio this time, and my usual trick of shining the blue light through the blinds from a long way behind them wasn't going to work, because they were in a corner! I could just about get a light in there, but it wasn't going to produce the near-parallel light with even fall-off that I'd used before. So some experimentation was in order; we eventually ended up with blue light in front and behind the blinds from one side.

If you look at Svampen's early pics (file re7sv_) you can see how we hunted around to find the lighting set-up. We started with lights behind the blinds on both sides, but that gave confusing and conflicting shadows which always looks weird to the eye even if you can't quite work out what's wrong. The final lighting set-up was much nicer!

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