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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel Shipwrecked

The storm came out of nowhere and almost capsized the cruise ship as the very first wave hit. There wasn't even time for the Captain to give the order to abandon ship before her back was broken and she was heading to the bottom of the fjord in two pieces. It was pure luck that Ariel had been on the deck looking at the moon as the sudden terrible force of the wind drove the storm right into the ship. She was mere metres from the lifeboat but still barelky managed to crawl to it under the furious impact of sea and storm. She managed to cast the boat off as the ship sank, and the only way she could keep herself on board in the roiling seas was to lash herself to the boat.

She fought for life for hours as the violence of the storm sought to drown her. As day dawned and the force of the winds finally abated, she fell asleep, still tied to the lifeboat.

She awoke in the sunshine on a strange shore. Presumably she was deep inland, the wind and waves having driven her little lifeboat all the way up the fjord to the very interior of the wild north. There were houses in sight on the other side of the bay, so all hope was not lost. But... she was still tied to the boat! And the ropes had shrunk as they had dried in the weak northern summer sun- and salt encrusted the knots! She was totally trapped!

Would someone from the settlement hear her screams for help? And what sort of men were they that lived in such a remote and desolate place? What would they do to a beuatiful blonde socialite, bound and helpless in a ship-wrecked boat?

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