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Amber West
Amber - In the Castle Dungeons

Alas, the invition to the castle ball wasn't without drama. It is not wise to refuse a dance to the Prince, especially not considering the rumours about the Prince's... predilections. Countess Amber would certainly have accepted had she realised who was proposing. But the Prince was standing behind her when he asked for the waltz, and she had refused before recognising his voice. A chill ran down her spine.

The evening swiftly took a turn for the worse as the Prince's guards seized an arm each, lifting her off her feet to march her down to the dungeons! Knowing only too well what fate would befall her there, the countess fought tooth and nail, her pretty slippers lost in the melee, until the guards were forced to cosh her to finish the job.

And when she awoke, she had been clapped in irons to await the Prince's "pleasure"....

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