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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - Losing her Cherry

Ariel was supposed to be tidying and cleaning the house ready for a dinner party. She hadn't actually bothered to get dressed yet (after all, it was only like three o'clock in the afternoon!) She was swanning around plumping pillows and straightening duvets in a rather desultory way when she noticed the bowl of cherries that was intended as a snack for the evening.

Of course, she couldn't resist trying one. Or two.

Then she heard his footsteps coming up the stairs. Lying on the bed eating cherries instead of working- she knew it would look really bad for her! She scrambled to get up, and in the process managed to tip the bowl. The cherries flew everywhere!

He was really mad! He tied her down to the bed in a very exposed and humiliating position and gave her a stern lecture before spanking her upraised arse until it glowed cherry red!

Punished, but not chastened, Ariel was left in position after her spanking to contemplate the error of her ways. Adding a little mental reminder were the punishing nipple clamps which he applied before he left... telling her he'd be back in an hour or so to take them off, when the house was finally clean and tidy!

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