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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - Medical Drama

This is the first set shot for Restrained Elegance by John Tisbury. I hope you'll agree that he's a super photographer - I've been working with him for a couple of years on his own projects, and I was really happy when Hywel invited him to shoot some sets for our site. He's well-known for producing quite stark, artistic images with a wide variety of fetish elements, and I was very curious to see if he'd cope with the style of rope work required for RE. I imagined that I might need to tie myself up quite a lot....

I couldn't have been more wrong. John had been practicing on various willing models and did an extremely thorough (and decorative) job! He'd also put together a really scary looking hospital set in his studio. When I saw how he'd lit it (with big, menacing shadows thrown onto the wall, and dark corners) I thought it looked like a mental institution in a horror film. And I thought I'd like to be a brave movie heroine, who got herself invited to the hospital in order to investigate allegations from residents of the neighbouring village. She suspects all sorts of wickedness is being perpetrated by the governor - female patients keep disappearing, and some of the girls admitted were definitely sane.... But the governor is too clever for her, sees that she's snooping around, and pumps the room she's visiting full of chloroform gas. When she wakes up, she's already tied to the bed, and all sorts of terrifiying devices have been assembled on the trolley next to her. So she struggles with all the strength she has, because night is falling and the villagers all agree that they hear the screams at night...

I loved the bandage blindfold. They work exceptionally well! And I was also rather impressed by the rope marks - people often tie too gently when they're starting out with bondage, but I couldn't accuse John of that! I really hope you enjoy this set, I had a fabulous time shooting it.

Welcome to RE, John Tisbury!


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