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Sophia Smith
VIDEO: Sophia - So glad you could join us

Ah, Miss Conquest. So glad you could join us! But how rude of you to try to slip in to my party in disguise! Of course the guards would have admitted you! Although, yes, I admit, they would have escorted you here to this chamber anyway. The ropes? A mere precaution, my dear Surety. With an agent as highly trained as the famous Surety Conquest it does not pay one to take chances! What's that? My plan? Surely you don't expect me to tell you all the details in a maniacal rant, leaving you here tied up so you can escape and foil my sinister schemes?

I'm not a fool, Miss Conquest!

What's that? Then why have I tied you up? Why, Miss Conquest, because whilst I am not planning to take over the world, I do collect beautiful women and make them my slaves. Oh yes, my dear! Don't look so shocked! You and I are going to get MUCH better acquainted!

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